MEDI History

medi's 65th anniversary

One night back in 1951, Wolfgang Weihermüller bravely put all his eggs in one basket: he crossed the so-called "green border" at Rudolphstein, carrying with him parts of a valuable knitting machine in his rucksack. On his arrival in Bayreuth with this knitting machine – the other individual parts of which had followed later one by one by post – he laid the foundation stone for today's internationally successful company medi. Today, there are 2,400 employees worldwide working daily at medi, so that people all over the world can say "I feel better". For the 65th anniversary, medi is first and foremost celebrating the founding member and setting the course for the future.

Wolfgang Weihermüller’s courage in leaving the then GDR, taking the production machines with him, could have cost him his liberty. But hi