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Dear medi-partners, ... 20 years of Spinomed - the only osteoporosis orthosis with scientifically proven effectiveness! medi can now look back at 20 years of expertise in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures (1997-2017). Spinomed back braces make it possible to provide guideline-compliant therapy. They activate and mobilise osteoporosis patients and if they slump into a faulty posture (rounded back), their braces exert gentle pressure to remind them of the correct posture. This leads them to unconsciously tense their back- and trunk muscles and straighten the upper body, thus using their own muscle power for a more upright posture. The efficacy of Spinomed back braces has been proven scientifically (Pfeifer M., et al.: Effect of a new spinal orthosis on posture, trunk strength and quality of life in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis: a randomised trial, in: Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2004;83:177-186; Pfeifer M., et al. Effects of two newly developed spinal orthoses on trunk muscle strength, posture, and quality-of-life in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis: a randomised trial, in: Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2011;90:805-815)... ... So our Spinomed braces

  • strengthen the back muscles by up to 72 %

  • strengthen the abdominal muscles by up to 56 %

  • reduce the kyphotic angle by up to 11 %

  • reduce pain by up to 47 %

  • reduce limitations in day-to-day life by up to 54 %

  • increase general well-being by up to 18 %

Furthermore, Spinomed orthoses help reduce the risk of further falls and fractures, because they reduce body sway by 23 %. Dirk Vogel, Head of Product Management Orthopaedics at medi Germany: "Many years ago we collaborated with Prof Helmut Minne, MD in developing the first Spinomed back brace. Ever since then, medi has been setting the standard in the treatment of osteoporosis. However, guideline-compliant care is certainly not all we care about. Patients want their braces to be easy to use, which is also a decisive factor for successful treatment. This is why all variants of the Spinomed back brace are particularly simply to handle." Our current Spinomed range consists of four available articles:

  • Spinomed IV

  • Spinomed II

  • Spinomed active

  • Spinomed active men

As additional support, we offer a wide range of (new) Marketing materials as follows (articles which are available in stock are indicated with article numbers; other ones can be printed on demand or downloaded): Brand-new video - 20 years of Spinomed (1997-2017) Poster DIN A2 - 20 years of Spinomed Banner 60 x 150 cm - 20 years of Spinomed 2 pager - Spinomed Spinomed After Kyphoplasty Spinomed test winner - Fastest donning time of 27 seconds Spinomed brochure (#0090E33) Spinomed Study Brochure (#0099E62; this one is being overworked at the moment with new additional studies and the update will come soon) Study - Spinomed active 2011 (#0099E22) Measuring Chart - Spinomed active & Spinomed active men (#0099879) Spinomed product video Spinomed fitting video Prof. Minne, MD - Osteoporosis Therapy with Spinomed back braces Sara Meeks - general introduction into osteoporosis Sara Meeks - Physiotherapy Exercises (designed for physiotherapists) Sara Meeks - Physiotherapy Exercises (designed for patients) We are looking forward to developing our Spinomed family frequently and thus helping your patients to get back a new quality of life! In case of any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Best regards Philipp

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