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The brace straightens the upper body by activating the back muscles, thus reducing kyphosis. The body´s own muscle resources are thereby stimulated. The back support straps are easy to adjust, thus enabling the brace to be adapted to each individual patient. The belt system is similar to a rucksack and draws the shoulders back, without compromising mobility in the shoulders and arms.
When fit is optimal, the patient will experience pain relief and an increase in mobility. If you experience excessive pain or your condition worsens whilst wearing the brace, stop wearing the product immediately and contact your doctor or the specialist supply store.


Product benefits

  • Orthosis is almost invisible under clothing

  • Supportive mouldable aluminium bars for excellent strengthening of the back and muscular stabilisation

  • Highly elastic strap system for great comfort.

  • Adaptable loop for individual positioning of the strap system.

  • Elastic straps can be cut to desired length.



  • Poor posture, postural deviations or spinal deviations
  • Posture-related pain in the spine
  • Muscle weakness an/or imbalance in the back
  • Hunched back with chronic back pain


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