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Optimum combination of tried-and-tested knee support and patellar support strap

Genumedi PSS is a knee support for reliable guidance and stabilisation of the knee joint and to relieve tension on the patellar ligament (tendon) insertion. 무릎의 안정과 슬개건의 긴장 완화

The compressive knit improves proprioception and sensorimotor function of the knee.

인체공학에 의한 기술적 압박 고유수용감각과 지각운동 개선

The tendon pad with silicone dot coating stimulates the patellar ligament. 2개의 실리콘 사이를 받혀주는 패드는 슬개건을 자극


SKU: G009
  • Product benefits

    • Provides relief of the irritated joint and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint by producing a constant compression and massaging action during patient movement

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