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활동성 보장

농구, 배구, 골프, 배드민턴, 등산, 조깅 등 스포츠 활동 및 운동시


  • Slight instability of the ankle joint
  • Sprains and distorsions
  • Joint effusions and swellings due to arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Chronic, postoperative and post-traumatic inflammation


레바메드 이모션

SKU: L002
  • Product benefits

    • Massage effect due to integrated silicone pads → reduction of swellings (oedema, hematomes)

    • Proprioceptive compression → Guidance and stabilisation of the joints


    How does it work?/Mode of action

    Levamed causes a massage effect, which supports perfusion, with interaction between the compressive knitted fabric and the two integrated silicon inlays. This effect reduces swelling and bruising. Irritation and pain are relieved. Muscular control and the stabilisation of the ankle joint improve.
    Supports are particularly beneficial during physical exercise.

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