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  • Integrated, anatomically-shaped Achilles tendon pad to massage deep tissue and increase microcirculation
  • Proprioceptive ankle and foot stabilization thanks to medi compression
  • Increased blood flow in the foot and reduced blockages thanks to medi compressio


Achilles Support Short Socks - For Stabilization and Achilles Tendon Support

Top runners rely on the Achilles Support Short Socks. They provide relief and take pressure off the Achilles tendon thanks to their anatomically shaped SMARTMEMORY FOAM pads. The integrated pads also create a massage effect you can feel, while the proven medi compression fabric reduces swelling for enhanced performance. But that’s not all. The compression effect activates your “sixth sense”– proprioception – and gives you a feeling of maximum stability. These “short heroes” protect you against injuries, provide relief from pain and discomfort and support you on your way to legendary athletic feats.



아킬레스 서포트 삭스

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